Unicorn Lover Gift Guide

Know anyone that’s obsessed with these magical creatures? Here are 7 unicorn gift ideas that’ll have them pooping rainbows, whether it’s your preteen niece or 20-something coworker – nobody’s here to judge. More glitter than you can handle, right this way…


(Clockwise from top left)

Sunnylife Toddler Unicorn Hopper Toy: The next incarnation of beloved Rody? This cute sanity saver will keep your pint-sized unicorn fan busy during the long winter months cooped up indoors. Bonus – it doesn’t take batteries or make annoying noises!

Unicorn Sequin Pillow: This iridescent, sparkly unicorn pillow takes anyone’s decor to the next level. I know a certain 1st grader who would flip over this.

Bow & Drape Hooded Unicorn Sweatshirt: Bow & Drape have the punniest sweatshirts every year. This millennial pink “Don’t Stop Believing” unicorn sweatshirt for grown-ups will keep them toasty during long winter’s Netflix marathons.

Unicorn Bottle Stopper: This bottle stopper will delight the inner-child of unicorn lovers of legal drinking age.

Pinch Provisions A Unicorn Ate My Homework Locker Kit: The 13-year old on your list who doesn’t like anyone or anything might actually say thanks for this gift. Includes breath drops, hair spray, lip balm, hand lotion, glitter washi tape, mini mechanical pencil & notepad, hand wipe, stain remover, deodorant towelette, bobby pins, adhesive bandage, blotting tissues, emery board, mini comb, and hair bands ensures nothing can dull their sparkle.

Ban.do Glitter Cocktail Shaker: For straight up chocolate milk, shaken not stirred? (Ok, that was a little judgy.)

Unicorn Tape Dispenser:  My 6-year old got this for Christmas last year and loves it. The rainbow tape is a game changer for homemade cards and art.

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