6 Sentimental Gifts for Grandparents

I fell in love with these cute gifts that kids can give grandparents, whether they live next door or across the country.


(Clockwise from top left)

Grandparent Grandchild Activity Set : Cute playing cards with ideas for grandparents and kids to play together, from license-plate spotting on car trips, to bug hunting, to a reality-tv style talent show.

Personalized Kids’ Art Wooden Sign: Customized art they’ll love and it’s super easy – just trace over kids’ artwork or writing on a piece of blank white paper, snap a pic on your phone and text it to a talented woodworker who will create a priceless masterpiece for grandparents to proudly display!

Kid Quotes Custom Art: Kids say the darndest things – not all of it fit for print, but for the rest of their hilarious one-liners, get a custom piece of art printed for grandparents to giggle over. This gift will get funnier as kids get older, too!

Custom Family Calendar: We do a custom photo calendar of the kids every year for all the grandparents using phone pics we’ve snapped during the year – also great because it forces you to organize and clean up your phone’s photo storage.

Relative Time Custom Clock: Clever clock for far-away family, it displays family members’ local time with color coded labels they always know when’s a good time to Skype.

Long Distance Touch Lamp: This is maybe my favorite gift – it’s an incredibly sweet touch lamp that lights up the recipient’s identical lamp whenever you touch it. Amazing way for grandparents with far away grandkids to participate in bedtime routines or other special moments.

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