7 Gift Ideas for Kids at Heart

We all know  that guy that’s a perpetual kid at heart, whether it’s your little brother, cousin, best guy friend, boyfriend or husband or co-worker. Here are 7 fun gifts for guys that don’t wanna grow up.


(Clockwise from top left)

Customizable View-Master: Cue the nostalgia! Except now he gets to use his own pics for this retro slideshow viewer. Much more fun way to show off vacation snaps!

Emergency Clown Nose: Because you never know when this could come in handy.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Moose Mug: Does going home for the holidays feel like you’re trapped in an 80s comedy? Set the scene with Clark Griswold’s moose mug.

Mini Beer Pong Game: Whether he graduated from college last year or 20 years ago, he’s probably got fond memories of this game. The shot-glass sized cups are probably more his speed these days!

Darth Vader Socks: He can get away with wearing these to his stuffy corporate job thanks to the business on the bottom, party on the top design.

Yoga Joes: G.I. Joe-type figures in yoga poses are just hilarious for some reason. Great desk toy for loooonnng conference calls.

X2 Spy 2 Drone: This high-flying drone has a built-in video camera and can do rolls and flips while filming or snapping pics of his stellar snowboarding tricks.

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