Gift Ideas For Book Lovers

If they love books, they’re going to love these cozy gift ideas for bookworms! From affordable noise cancelling headphones to the best blanket for snuggling, here are 5 gifts they won’t be able to resist.

(Clockwise from top right)

Noise Cancelling Headphones: Give the gift of quiet with these affordable noise cancelling headphones that’ll let them stay in their own little world, absorbed in a book with no distractions. These are also great for listening to audio books!

Weighted Blanket: Nothing beats curling up under a weighted blanket with a good book. This one’s knitted texture is amazing, plus it’s breathable so you won’t overheat. I sleep with one every night and I swear it makes a huge difference in sleep quality and relaxation.

Personal Library Kit: Help them keep track of the books they loan out with their own personal library kit. It even has a date stamp for when the book’s due back!

Bibliotheque Candle: Any book lovers favorite scent likely includes libraries, those wonderful places of discovery and adventure! This candle smells just like a cozy one, with hints of peach, plum, vanilla and warm patchouli.

Kindle: Let them take a whole library along wherever they go with a Kindle. It’s the only thing my brother-in-law will read on now, he moves around a lot and never has to pack books!

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