7 Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy Guys

He’d much rather be called rugged than handsome, and could singlehandedly outfit an REI store with all the gear he’s collected over the years. Here are seven killer gifts to bring his love of the great outdoors home (ok and maybe some gear).


(Clockwise from top left)

Long Winter’s Nap Candle: No fireplace? No problem. Made in Illinois, these cinnamon-vanilla-clove candles have a real wood wick that sounds like a crackling campfire.

Driftwood iPhone Charging Dock: Even outdoorsmen need to charge their technology sometimes. Before it became a handcrafted, functional ‘art’ piece, this driftwood washed up on the rocky coast of Maine, so each is one of a kind.

Pendleton National Park Blanket: This gorgeous wool blanket can easily go from bed to the next outdoor adventure and back without looking any worse for the wear – literally, it will last a lifetime.

Yeti Tank Cooler: As rugged as he is, this souped-up cooler will be a constant companion on his next camping or beach trip.

Fields & Forests Men’s Grooming Set: The creator of this natural hygiene set aimed to make it smell like his grandfather’s aftershave “mixing with the scent of chopped wood, crackling bonfires, and clean earth”. According to the rave reviews, he succeeded. (Quote from a male recipient: “Yep,smells like the woods”.) Includes aftershave, body spray, deodorant, pomade, beard balm (!) and soap.

Hydro Flask Beer Growler:  Simple but well-designed beer growler preserves carbonation and maintains proper temperature all the way until the end of the hike. (Also works for hot beverages in case his drink of choice for winter camping is spiked coffee.)

Dawn Redwood Bonsai Forest: If he’s stuck inside working to support his wilderness habit, this DIY bonsai forest will brighten his desk or office. The foliage changes color in the fall – so cool!

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