Gift Ideas For Dog Lovers

If you need gift ideas for dog parents, look no further. Here are some ideas to delight both pups and their owners!

(Clockwise, from top right)

Dog Water Bottle: Pup gets thirsty on fun outings, too, but maybe it’s not the most hygienic to share your water bottle with him. Now he can have his own! Just squeeze water into the bowl and it’s easy as pie for him to drink!

Mudbuster Paw Cleaner: Muddy paws = dirty floors, until now! This paw cleaner couldn’t be easier – just dunk pup’s paws into soapy water and scrape off dirt and debris.

Did You Feed The Dog?: Those puppy dog eyes can’t be trusted. Track feeding easily and cut down on your dog’s unintended weight gain by using this dog feeding tracker so she doesn’t try to swindle another snack out of ya.

Kong Flipz Interactive Treat Dispenser: Keep pup from destroying your house when he gets bored with this interactive treat dispenser. It’ll keep him busy for quite a while trying to figure out how to get those delicious morsels out and it’s entertaining for you to watch, too!

Furbo Treat Dispensing Camera: This might be the coolest dog toy ever. It’s a camera that dispenses treats! It has two-way audio so you can check in with pup from wherever you are and reward her for good behavior (like staying off the couch).

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