Mini Homework Stations for Small Spaces

My older daughter starts 1st grade in a few short weeks, and believe it or not, she’s excited for homework! Last year we started an afterschool routine that included doing homework before dinner so it’s not looming as one more item to check off the to-do list before the bedtime routine starts. Typically she’d work at the kitchen counter or dining room table, both of which are usually cluttered with art projects or unopened mail – it would be nice to have a space of her own. The problem? Our little farmhouse is short on space, especially with my toddler’s bulkier toys taking up lots of floorspace. The solution? Turn any small nook or corner into a homework station with a simple combination of cute desk chair + small desk + fun art. Want to see four homework station ideas for toddlers through teens I put together?


Chair: I’ve checked out this chair in person at T.J. Maxx and it’s not only the best soft aqua color, it’s comfortable! Add an inexpensive sheepskin throw to make it cozier.

Desk: Pow! This cheerful yellow desk makes a stunning statement and brightens up any corner. On sale! (Also in a bunch of other colors, too).

Art: Apple alphabet print, Rock & Roll personalized print


Chair: Dalmation print gets me every time – it’s so cool-girl it hurts. On sale!

Desk: Simply chic black campaign desk with generous storage drawers – touch up scratches with a Sharpie!

Art: Summer Fun framed print,  Sunglasses dry erase board


Chair: Classic navy + white nautical good looks with a nod to mod. On sale!

Desk: I’m in love with simple but impactful bright green desk! It’s on sale, and comes in a few more color choices too, including navy, gray and pink. On sale!

Art: Whale print, Space alphabet canvas art


Chair: A teal tractor seat swivel chair brings in an industrial feel and tones down the pastel sweetness of the wall art.

Desk: Extra space saving when you flip the desk part closed, plus shelves for books, school supplies, a printer and prized nature specimens of the week. On sale!

Art: Moth print, Wooden arrows (On sale!)

Hope you enjoyed these mini homework station ideas!


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