Gender-Neutral Boho Nursery

This soothing blue-gray boho nursery manages to be sweet but not babyish and easily translates to grown-up living spaces, too.

Nurseries are maybe my favorite room to decorate – the feeling of looking forward to new beginnings, creating a cozy space and that delicious nesting instinct are a powerful combination! I’m in love with this beachy boho nursery that works for both boys and girls, and the decor adapts effortlessly to living rooms or teen and grown-up bedrooms.

The pom-poms definitely add a dose of cheer to the serene color scheme but it’s not overly themed or juvenile since we all know the nursery design is for mama’s benefit anyways! For the first year at least, you spend so much time in baby’s room rocking, endlessly nursing, changing diapers and just hanging out, it’s so nice to have comfortable, beautiful things around. Once baby’s old enough to notice the surroundings and becomes obsessed with Elmo or butterflies or whatever, it’s fun to bring in art or decorations they can appreciate, too! 

Boho Nursery Decor

  1. Levtex Pom-Pom Pillow, TJ Maxx: Soft oversized pom-pom pillow makes neutrals fun!
  2. Blue Embroidered Pillow, TJ Maxx: Gorgeous embroidery in tones of blue and a great price for a down pillow with washable cotton cover.
  3. Furry Accent Stool, TJ Maxx:  So cozy and adorable, I’d put this little stool pretty much anywhere in the house – don’t be surprised if older kids steal it for their rooms!
  4. Rattan Bassinet & Pad Set, Pottery Barn Kids: The pièce de résistance in this 70’s cool nursery, and it’s on sale! Great for small spaces or if baby’s sharing your room. After baby outgrows it, this little rattan bassinet can do double-duty as sweet toy storage.
  5. Wood & Aged Brass Table Lamps, Set of 2, TJ Maxx: A little bit mid-century, a little California cool and a lot affordable.

  6.  Marta Throw, Lulu & Georgia:  This beyond soft, silky throw in shades of sea and sky looks like a dream to curl up with.
  7. Rene Rug, Lulu & Georgia: This soothing blue-gray rug was inspiration for the whole room – it looks lived-in and vintage, like it would instantly feel at home in a cozy room. The color scheme is great for hiding any messes or dirt, and the price is fantastic.
  8. Serena Pom Pom Basket, Lulu & Georgia: I will always love this cheerful, stylish and useful little basket for corraling (hiding) toys, books next to the rocking chair, spare diapers or whatever other clutter kids’ rooms seem to generate at an alarming rate!




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