8 Easy Upgrades for Household Items You Use Every Day

If you’re still hanging on to your first apartment basics or your well-loved wedding registry gifts are looking a bit worse for the wear, try these 8 easy upgrades for your most used household items.

They’re utilitarian things that you don’t really devote a whole lot of brain space to but once you notice how much nicer it is to interact with well-designed, well-made items, you find yourself thinking “WHY didn’t I do this ages ago instead of fighting with crappy wire coat hangers or resenting that hulking, crusty old dish drainer cluttering the kitchen counter?”

These might not be the most glamorous upgrades around your house, but since they’re items you use every single day a simple switch has a huge impact. (Dare I say life-changing?)


Clockwise from top left

Full length mirror:  Guadalupe Rectangular Floor Mirror We’ve all got that full length mirror we snagged for $9.99 at a big box store back in college – mine’s currently defying gravity by hanging onto the back of the bedroom door from barely sticky Command strips. This clean lined modern style stand-alone floor mirror is an affordable, stylish upgrade for grown-up bedrooms (in white or medium wood toned).

Hangers5-Count Luxurious Twisted Metal Hangers  A few times a year I’ll recycle mountains of those crappy paper-covered dry cleaning hangers from my husband’s side of the closet (I swear they reproduce like rabbits when no one’s looking), though I do like how slim they are. These gorgeously sleek metal hangers won’t get bent out of shape with the slightest touch but don’t take up tons of room like thick wooden ones – the best of both worlds. In rose gold (my fave!), gold and silver.

Storage containersRosti Mepal Cirqula Storage Bowl Set  I got the chance to see these beauties in person at the Merci store in Paris last year and fell in love.  They’re stackable, durable (side eye at those flimsy clear plastic leftover containers) and the lids have see-through windows so you don’t forget what’s inside and find an unpleasant surprise hanging out in the back of the fridge months later. (Not that I would ever do that.) Plus, the color schemes are so pretty and sophisticated for storage containers! In blush or muted aqua.

Dish rack: Tosca Dish Drainer I recently threw out the gigantic plastic dish draining rack we got for a wedding present a decade (!) ago – it took up so much room on the counter and always looked cluttered and stained. So not pretty to look at everyday. This one though? Minimalist and clean, this is a modern dish rack I wouldn’t mind leaving on the counter.

Toilet paper storage: Plate Toilet Paper Stocker  For a while, I was storing extra toilet paper rolls in a tall glass apothecary jar then had to find a new solution because kids. I’m loving this toilet paper holder for its clean design and extra storage on top, especially for small bathrooms that are short on space.

Extension cord: Exto Extension Cord  Ok, so likely you don’t devote a lot of brain space to thinking about extension cords, but hear me out. I replaced the regular extension cord next to our bed with one that has a colorfully wrapped cord –  it’s such a fun detail that took two seconds to do. I interact with it every night when I charge my phone. so it makes a big difference to see something that makes me smile instead of a utilitarian white cord. Go bright or subtle, either way the fabric wrapped cord feels fancy and homey at the same time.

Bath towels: Nordstrom at Home Hydrocotton Bath Sheet We’re getting to the point where it’s time to replace all those carefully chosen wedding registry items since it’s been ten years, and these are the plushest, most absorbent and generously sized bath sheets I’ve come across. In tons of colors and neutrals. Another happy fact? Currently part of Nordstrom’s big sale!

Measuring spoons: Porcelain Measuring Spoons I don’t think I’ve been dealing with a full set of measuring spoons since my eldest could reach the kitchen drawer. I’ve got a random collection of brightly colored plastic and rusted metal ones…yum? These porcelain beauties are clean and bright, perfect for baking in my farm-chic Fixer Upper fantasies.

(featured mirror pic from Joss & Main)

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