6 Interactive Gifts for Creative Kids

These interactive DIY gifts for creative kids come with the bonus of keeping them busy for hours during those long days over winter break!

(Clockwise from top left)

Fairy Kit: Kids can make 8 projects with all the goodies included in this kit, like a fairy dust necklace and tiny fairy beds.

My Comic Book Kit: Everything they need to create a real comic book! Let them draw their very own comic book to their heart’s content on the blank booklet, then slip it in the prepaid envelope, send it back to the company, and receive a professionally hardbound comic book back, complete with an “About the Author” page all about them!

Seedling Make Your Own Snowglobe Kit: First they create an animal, sculpture or anything they can imagine with polymer clay, then bake it to harden (with adult help), fill the globe with water and glitter and decorate the cardboard base as a final touch. Voila!

Sound Activated Light Blocks: Next-level LEGOs? Think nightlights, cityscapes, superheroes and more. These sound-activated light up building blocks are compatible with construction blocks of the same size (i.e. LEGOs).

Seedling Make Your Own Kaleidoscope Set: Let them custom design and handbuild their very own kaleidescope with the cardboard tube, plastic mirror pieces, beads and rhinestones, adhesive paper and foil confetti that comes in this cool DIY kit.

Build Your Own Robot Kit: They can make the 3 different robots in this kit, then branch out and create DIY robots from anything they can upcycle around the house.






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