Modern File Cabinets for Home Offices


Ah, tax season. I am not good at paperwork or hard deadlines so the weeks leading up to April 15 are pretty stressful. Keeping track of all those pieces of paper seems so archaic and tedious, but we hang onto tax return documents for about three years after filing in case of an audit. What I do like is finding stylish ways to control clutter around our busy house, so if we’ve gotta have the files around might as well look for some fun storage! I rounded up some modern, sometimes colorful and always stylish file cabinets for your home office or cool workplace.


  1. TPS 3-Drawer Filing Cabinet, CB2: The cleverly named, sleek option in a pretty mint color comes in a few more poppy colors like dark teal, plus neutral workhorses. (When I first saw Office Space I thought it was hilarious. Then I got my first job at a giant tech company.)
  2. Mid-Century Lateral File, West Elm: Be still my heart – this is gorgeous. Tons of room in this retro-modern cabinet that in no way resembles typical office furniture.
  3. Tracey Filing Cabinet in Gray: Loving this chunky-cute silhouette and beachy grayed wood that goes with everything.
  4. Spotlight White Filing Cabinet, Crate & Barrel: Seamless and more furniture-like, the two bottom “drawers” are actually a large file drawer. Looks so nice you could put it rooms that aren’t the office, too.
  5. Poppin 3-Drawer Filing Cabinet: You’ve probably seen Poppin’s cool office supplies that come in every color of the rainbow, but did you know they have office furniture, too? These little cabinets are customizable in tons of color combinations -I’m partial to the orange or aqua drawers.
  6. Blu Dot 3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet: I’m channeling spring with this vibrant grass green pick, but it also comes in gray, black or white.



2 thoughts on “Modern File Cabinets for Home Offices

  1. I have to say I totally love number 1 & 4. I’ve always been inclined to get white furniture for my bedroom and office, I just find it clean, simple and inspiring. Pastels are always a great choice! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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