Balancing a kid-friendly home + grown-up decor

Hi all! My first blog post – I’m so excited. I’ve been a contributing writer on for a few years now, and have always wanted to create a home blog where I can talk about things like my two favorite gray paint colors, my distaste for ‘boob lights’, share DIY projects, create styleboards and more.

The main inspiration for creating this blog, though, was the community of moms/parents with young kids that still want to create a beautiful, livable, comfortable home with soul, even if you’re drowning in Goldfish crumbs and unidentifiable sticky spots smashed into the rug. It’s easy to say “when the kids are bigger we can get a nicer couch” or “my living room won’t always look like a toy store threw up in it”, but life’s way too short to wait years to have a home you love. It’s about loving the space you’re in.

The reality of living with kids is that they need a family-friendly home – but it doesn’t have to feel like living in a daycare center. Home should be a place where everyone feels comfortable; it’s your safe spot to recharge, regroup and relax. I’m hoping to provide little ways to reclaim your space so it fits you and your family.



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