Fun idea: Use a Bar Cart as a Nightstand


Our old farmhouse has fairly small bedrooms, especially the master, so I’ve been experimenting with alternative bedside table ideas for tight spaces. I saw some pretty bar carts on sale recently and thought they could be perfect for the job.

photos: one kings lane (l), architecture art design (r)

So far I’ve tried old Ikea end table, a Thonet-style chair with a basket underneath and a stack of magazines I never have time to read. What’s missing from these nightstand stand-ins is storage – where are my lip balm, mini humidifier, fan and phone going to live? Enter bar carts and all their lovely surface space.

For our bedroom, I’m thinking something more clean-lined but still feminine, like this gold bar cart. The fact that it’s on wheels makes it easy to roll out of the way for vacuuming, which I can’t say about my stack of magazines!

There are tons of styles available, from industrial steel or distressed wood more masculine to the mirrored, oval feminine types. Would you ever use a bar cart as a bedside table? Or do you have other interesting nighstand alternatives for small spaces? I’d love to hear!

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